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YObaba.com is the No.1 Classified Advertising Portal for Gujarat. The Site gets more than 450000 hits every month & was featured in Times of India as well as Divya Bhaskar due to its popularity.

Considering the popularity of YObaba.com, would you like to showcase your ad to a vast online audience? If YES, then the following premium features are for you:


Bold + Color

You can highlight your Ad by coloring your Ad Title and Ad Description. Users browsing the Site will immediately notice your Ad. Its attractive display will lure the users to check it out first before others. You will get a higher response rate with this feature.


Banner Ads

Banners are the most effective means of advertising on the net and generate a lot of response. You can place your banner on the left hand column, right hand column or top header on the Site. The banner will appear on the home page as well as each and every page on the Site. It is guaranteed that every visitor coming to the site will see the banner.


Featured Ads of the Month (Bulk eMail)

We will send out a monthly email to the entire YObaba community showcasing “Featured Ads of the Month”. The email goes directly to the registered user’s inbox and so no matter the user has visited the site or not, he is bound to see your Ad. It is a very effective channel for person to person marketing.


Comparison between traditional print ads vs. online YObaba.com banner ads:

News Paper YObaba.com
Ad appears only for 1 day Ad appears for 1 whole month
Ad appears on only 1 page Ad appears on each and every page
Ad size is limited Ad size can be unlimited
Ad is static Ad is flashing, clickable & colorful
Ad cost is high Ad cost is low

YObaba.com provides a cost effective channel to reach thousands of buyers with much cheaper rates & for a longer duration of time.

Below are the charges for our premium features

(Basic classified ad posting remains totally free)

Feature Duration Validity 30 days Duration Validity 90 days Duration Validity 180 days
Bold + Color Rs.300 per Ad Rs.900 per Ad Rs.1800 per Ad
Right Column Banner* Rs.10000 Rs.27000 (10% off)
You save Rs.3000!
Rs.51000 (15% off)
You save Rs.9000!
Bottom Footer Banner* Rs.10000 Rs.27000 (10% off)
You save Rs.3000!
Rs.51000 (15% off)
You save Rs.9000!
Top Header Banner* Rs.15000 Rs.40500 (10% off)
You save Rs.4500!
Rs.76500 (15% off)
You save Rs.13500!

*Banner creation charges of Rs.500/- extra if done by us.

Feature Charges
Featured Ad in Email Rs.8000

If you are interested in selecting either one of the above premium feature, please contact us as below:

Email : cs@yobaba.com
Phone : +91 (79) 40025959

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